No quarter for Nazis – antifascist rally in Stötteritz

Today about 300-400 participants gathered for an antifascist rally at the Weißeplatz in Stötteritz. Most of the participants arrived by bicycle from Connewitz and Reudnitz. Speeches were held by chronik.LE, the action alliance Ladenschluss as well as individuals from the district and a person from Zschocher, for the Stadtteilladen LIXER e.V..

Already in January 2021, a documentation brochure on neo-Nazi events and structures in Leipzig-Stötteritz was published as an online resource.

The call was as follows:

“No quarter for Nazis – antifascist rally
Out to the antifascist rally – No quarter for Nazis!

The coldest days are over and still there is no warm feeling. It is time to air out the fascist stink in the district! The past year in Stötteritz was marked by violence and space grabbing by moved-in and long-established neo-Nazis. Due to the influx of young neo-Nazi fighters from the hooligan scene of FC Lokomotive Leipzig and other “modern” fascists, neo-Nazi propaganda intensified, threats and violent attacks increased.

Didn’t know about it? – No more excuses.
Certainly, there are people from Stötteritz who have not been aware of this. Because they themselves are not affected by neo-Nazi violence, do not know the codes used by the stickers and graffiti, or are helpless in the face of them. Or because they ignore or approve of the problem. Without a silent population and the sometimes more and sometimes less openly displayed sympathy with the fascist thugs, they would not have the possibilities to move so freely and to express themselves so drastically in the district. Where such right-wing taking of space without active resistance leads, is known to many Leipzig women from the post-reunification years, which were characterized by extreme violence.1
Through our anti-fascist rally in the district we draw attention to the advanced problem in Stötteritz. The residents, you who are reading this text, are informed about what is happening in your neighborhood, so from now on you also bear a share of responsibility. There is no freedom of choice in these matters, because non-behavior has always supported Nazis. Taking responsibility means acting, being in solidarity with those affected.

Oppose the fascists, paint over their propaganda, ostracize them, fire them and throw them out of your stores. Simply to the point: hit them where you can!
By the way, the charges filed in 2020 with the state investigative authorities for attacks by neo-Nazis in Stötteritz were dropped without result. A pattern that has always been known. Enforcers of fascism have many faces and often sit in the parliaments, courts and offices of this republic. Denazification has never taken place. Especially in times of upheaval and crisis, fascists try to create states of exception – only to seize power in an authoritarian manner.

We will therefore not rely on this state and its authoritarian enforcers. We therefore call on all Stötteritz women to actively position themselves and oppose the fascists. There are several examples of active opposition of neighborhoods against fascist space-grabbing in Leipzig. Practiced antifascism remains a work out of society, because the antifascist state never existed and will never exist.

The antifascist work has many facets – be a part of it!

Therefore come on 24.04. at 15 o’clock with your banners, flags and signs to the Weißeplatz in Stötteritz. There will be advance meeting points for bicycle arrivals from the south and east. Exact meeting points will be announced.”