Resistance rises at Clever Shuttle Leipzig

The “Clever Shuttle operations group” is making serious accusations. In an interview, Felix Hamann (name changed by the editors) tells us what it’s all about.
Clever Shuttle Leipzig is an offshoot of Berlin-based GHT Mobility GmbH – the majority of which has belonged to Deutsche Bahn since 2018. In Leipzig, the vehicle fleet is located at platform 1 of the main station. Early last week, a Twitter account appeared with its first tweet, “As of now, the new operations group at CleverShuttle Leipzig is tweeting here. There’s a lot going wrong here – stay tuned!”. In a short time, the account grew to 180 followers.


Why did you want to join Clever Shuttle?
Like many of us, I came to Clevershuttle through the recommendation of a mini-jobber. I liked the idea of getting traffic out of the city with CO2 minimized vehicles. A green company. In addition, the job is not strenuous and you get to talk to people well. Many of us started because of the recommendation of mini-jobbers – but they also lack an inside view in large parts.
What goes wrong there?
The most important point is communication. Among many topics, Corona and Corona protection are pressing. In the business process, the issue of cash receipts hurts. We have to cash in the cash payments from customers twice a month, after a Clever Shuttle settlement. The settlements are often not correct. It can happen that you have to pay in 1.500€ although this does not fit. If this does not happen, the wage is withheld – even below the garnishment limit. The same can happen in case of an accident. Then one stands at the end of the month with 100€ there. These are problems that can arise in any company – which brings us to the works council and the real problem.  

What about the works council?
At this point, we can only speak very cautiously about the works council. The fact is that the works council waves everything through from management. One example is the short-time allowance, which was paid from April to August last year. Short-time work cannot be decided unilaterally by the employer, but requires the consent of the works council – or of the employees if there is no works council. The works council not only gave its consent, but also circumvented the statutory 2-week period. This was clearly against the interests of the employees.
What is the situation regarding unionization?
Bad. At the beginning, we had a very high level of unionization among our employees, but this has since declined significantly – there is a system behind this, which we will also discuss elsewhere.

Why are you only now going public with this?
We were already close to going public several times. We were already in contact with media representatives. In the end, we held back, not least due to the efforts of the works council. But in fact it was also the case that there were negotiations going on and we didn’t want to harm the company.

The Leipzig branch of Clever Shuttle has taken over parts of the Flexa business from LVB, which acts as a feeder for public transport. So in the periphery, where there is no regular service of the LVB, but there is still a demand for public transport, there Clevershuttle or a cab company takes over the trips. Ultimately, Flexa rides, due to lack of supplements and tips bring less pay. The negotiation was a point at which we hesitated.

Nevertheless, the timing of the restrained public is not really clear.
It would be irresponsible not to go public now. The company is a potential super-spreader. It took us a long time to get masks. The argumentation was that we had spit shields in the vehicles. To this day, we have seen nothing of the prescribed corona tests. In the meantime, the health department has been called in.

What is the next step?
Against the background of our information, the significant drop in the level of unionization among the employees and a powerful company on the other side, we are very cautious. We are currently looking for experienced partners for public relations and legal issues. The Twitter channel was a good start. The first talks are already underway.

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