Demonstration alliance expects several thousand anti-fascists – “We are all Linx” demands dissolution of the Soko Linx

For this Saturday, the campaign alliance “We are all Linx” is calling for
a nationwide demonstration under the slogan “We are all antifascists
Antifaschist:innen – We are all Linx” in Leipzig. The
demonstration will start at 2 p.m. at Johannisplatz and end at the
Connewitzer cross.

“With the start of the trial in the Antifa East proceedings and shortly before the
Bundestag elections, we will carry antifascist solidarity on the street
and the entanglements between Nazis and German security authorities
security authorities to the scandal that it actually is,” said Ada H.
is,” said Ada Hummel, press spokeswoman for the alliance.
The defamation campaigns against left and antifascist commitment
Commitment won in the last years at upwind. In particular
the CDU, which has been governing Saxony for more than 3 decades, criminalizes
anti-fascists and covers up the countless scandals about neo-Nazis at the
police and in the authorities. Illegal shooting trainings on shooting ranges,
where right-wing military sports groups practice, Nazi chats at the police station
and the passing on of information from investigation files of the Soko Linx
to neo-Nazis are on the agenda in Saxony.

“We demand the denazification of the German security authorities, the
dissolution of the Soko Linx and freedom for all anti-fascists.”, continued
the spokeswoman continued. In the current political climate it is all the more
important for anti-fascism and a solidary society.
to make strong.

“The danger in this society comes from the right. Violence and terror
is the only, first and last means that right-wingers use against a free
society. Right-wingers are violent against people who
do not fit into their world view. Halle, Hanau and Kassel have shown this
painfully demonstrated. Confronting the right-wing in this field is an act of reason.
an act of reason,” said Ada Hummel. “We invite everyone who
share our goal to come to Leipzig on Saturday.” , the
Spokeswoman concluded. / PM We are all Linx