Online Seminar: Investigative Research

“Finding out what no one really wants to tell me, and revealing what would otherwise have remained hidden. Researching against resistance in order to uncover grievances or scandals: That is the core of journalistic work. In recent years, large research networks have uncovered scandals such as the Panama Papers or the Luxembourg Leaks. But also local journalism can provide with investigative work for control, clearing-up and transparency in authorities and enterprises” it reads in the announcement of an on-line seminar, at the Hamburg academy for journalism, in the coming week.

In the today’s short version of on-line seminar treated Aiko Kempen, together with medium-creative from Leipzig and the entire federal territory, contents in the fast run. The invitation was made in the network “Media make!” by

“In the seminar, participants learn how to build networks that support them in their research – and how to classify findings obtained journalistically. Who might have an interest in telling me something confidential? And how do I approach these people? How do I verify what I’m told? And how do I learn to recognize and analyze structures? These are questions that will be answered in this seminar – based on successful practical examples and with the help of research tasks that the participants will tackle together with the instructor.

Seminar contents:

Searching for experts and protagonists
Finding company information online and offline
Building up a network of informants
Informant protection
Legal gray areas
Ethical considerations in research
Source checking
Learning objectives

After the seminar, participants will be able to…

develop search strategies for investigative research
use search methods beyond the daily routine
better assess the credibility of sources
critically evaluate research material
Target group

The seminar is suitable for all journalists who have mastered the tools of research and now want to tackle investigative pieces in a targeted manner.”

Registration for the in-depth seminar, from May 19-20, 2021, is available at the following link: