“Zapatistas” land in Vienna

Actually, the second delegation of the “Zapatistas”, an autonomy movement from the south of Mexico, was supposed to arrive in Vienna with two flights on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, but part of the delegation did not manage to change planes in Madrid due to the entry formalities. So, first of all, about 90 Zapatistas arrived in Vienna, with as many more following a day later.

Nevertheless, last Tuesday a three-hour welcome party took place at the Schwechat airport in Vienna, where numerous activists of the “Other Europe,” the “Europe from below and to the left,” awaited the Zapatista air brigade. The air brigade was led by Subcomandante Tacho, who gave a speech during the ceremony that lasted a quarter of an hour. Among other things, he said that the Zapatistas firmly believe that capitalism can be seen as the economic principle and social system responsible for the global destruction of nature and the oppression of indigenous peoples, women and other genders. This system must be abolished, they say, because the livelihood of people worldwide is at stake, and the Zapatistas are now looking for allies worldwide. Europe, he said, is only the beginning of a global effort by Mexico’s indigenous movements.

The aeronautical delegation had departed from Mexico City earlier Monday
to continue the work of the first Zapatista delegation in Europe.
Zapatista delegation.

Back in June, the Zapatista maritime delegation landed by
ship in Spain to demonstrate against 500 years of colonialism and to recall the indigenous resistance that has lasted just as long. On August 13, 2021, in Madrid, in the presence of this first Zapatista delegation, a demonstration took place at the starting point of Spanish colonialism under the slogan “You did not conquer us!”

Exactly 500 years earlier, the conquistadors under Hernán Cortés murdered some 80,000 inhabitants:inside in Tenochtitlán, then the center of the Aztec Empire, within a few days, thus laying the foundation for the domination and exploitation of Central America by the Spanish crown.

A “Journey for Life”

The second episode of the “Gira Por La Vida”, the “Journey for Life”, will be marked by the exchange between the Zapatista delegates and the collectives.
with the collectives, initiatives, groups and projects of the movements of an “Other
Other Europe” movements. The Zapatistas do not expect “big events,” but rather to get to know the “struggles” in Europe and to to get to know the “struggles” in Europe and to exchange ideas with the activists. The Zapatistas are expected to arrive in several smaller delegations in about 30 European countries. In Germany, their arrival has been prepared for about ten months. On the website www.ya-basta-netz.org there will be continuous reports on the course of the “Journey for Life. / PM ya-basta-netz.org – Picture “Tierra y Libertad – Translation la-presse.org