Protest against Domino’s Pizza Leipzig successful

About a week ago, about 80 trade unionists of the Free Workers Union (FAU) protested in front of the Domino’s branch in Leipzig-Plagwitz. The reason for the demonstration was the outstanding claims of a former employee. The claim has since been settled.

“For me personally, it’s not just about my claims that have to be met, but also about the conditions […] and that something finally changes there!” the affected woman explained. “Poor working conditions are unfortunately standard in the delivery service industry, but in this particular case one really has the impression that even the very last cent is to be squeezed out of the workers” adds Max Fuchs, press spokesman of the FAU Leipzig.

The FAU’s goal was to draw attention to the working conditions in the delivery service industry and to motivate employees in this sector to organize at their workplace.

Systematic pressure on employees?
On the same day as the rally in Leipzig, there was also a protest against Domino’s in the municipality of Agia Paraskevi, about ten kilometers northeast of Athens. On the website of the Rouvikonas collective, the following is written:

In early March 2021, Domino’s Pizza Agia P. fired one of its delivery workers on the grounds that he was not efficient enough. The reality behind the justification seems to be different, as the only “offense” the worker seems to be guilty of is that he has been actively engaged in continuous union actions to ensure basic working hours, health and safety, such as providing delivery workers with equipment as provided for them.

To date, Domino’s refuses to rescind the layoff decision, insisting on the pretext of efficiency. This pretext completely falls apart when one takes into account that the employee had purposefully reduced his hours in recent periods. This reduction in hours is a common practice of companies in distribution circles, where companies/branches or human resources management partners offer low minimum hour contracts that allow day-to-day management to condemn workers to minimum hour periods, and thus minimum wages, in order to blackmail them between compliance or termination.”

Domino’s Pizza, the brand of the quick-service restaurant chain founded in 1960, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the London Stock Exchange (DOM) with different corporate bodies. Domino’s Pizza, by its own account, delivers about 400 million pizzas each year and has more than 14,000 locations in over 80 countries.

The rally in Leipzig brought success
Domino’s did not answer a press inquiry sent on Monday after the rally. Instead, the outstanding dues were transferred in full on the same day. “Trade union organization is worthwhile,” said press spokesman Fuchs on the labor dispute, which has now been concluded. /MS