Bike ride against training sites of neo-Nazi martial artists

Almost 260 participants joined the call of the Aktionsbündnis Ladenschluss to take part in an anti-fascist bike tour. The destination was, among other things, “right-wing martial arts gyms” that serve as training sites for militant neo-Nazis.

The bike tour started in the district park Rabet in the east of Leipzig. Intermediate rallies were held at Kamenzer Straße 10/12, a complex of buildings that housed the largest women’s satellite camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp until 1945. The property is owned by a neo-Nazi and in recent years has repeatedly been the venue for right-wing rock concerts and the training ground for neo-Nazi thugs, some of whom were involved in the attack in Leipzig-Connewitz in January 2016. 

The second intermediate rally took place in a new object of the “Imperium Fight Team” in Taucha. “Whether and to what extent the new gym in Taucha will replace the training site in Kamenzer Straße is not yet clear,” reads the call of the alliance.

The third rally led to the Paunsdorf Center. In addition to well-known companies, the website of the center management lists the “Bushido Sports Center”. According to the alliance, the “Bushido Free Fight Team” is supposed to train there with known neo-Nazis.

At the end of the second rally, officers of the bicycle squad were asked to leave the meeting. When they did not comply with this request, there were chants critical of the police. During the third rally, a satisfactory agreement was reached between the assembly leadership and the police on this issue. 

After the vast majority of the participants left after the end of the rally, there were extensive personal identification around the loudspeaker van. The reason given was a complaint received for defamation. Instead of doing justice to the protection of assemblies, which also extends to arrival and departure, and contacting the assembly leadership, personal details were taken here. Also due to current events, it is to be feared that these will be forwarded to neo-Nazi networks via file inspection.

Mr. W., who had already been responsible for a disproportionately harsh operation against a Kurdish demonstration on November 29, 2020, was in charge of the operation.

Image reference: Kreuzer issue 6/21