Dresden Administrative Court allows protest against the AfD federal party conference

12.01.2019 - Am Rande des Bundesparteitags der AfD in Riesa

Protest has formed against the federal party conference of the AfD on Saturday, 10.4.21 in Dresden. An alliance of anti-fascist groups is calling for two bicycle demonstrations, which will culminate in a rally organized by the alliance “Dresden nazifrei” at the streetcar stop “Messe”. The party conference of the fascist AfD will take place at the Dresden Messe. 

Despite early registration, the Dresden assembly authorities took their time and decreed on the evening of April 8, 2021 that the bicycle demonstrations could not take place. As an argument, the city cited the increased incidence of infection and claimed that the distances could not be maintained. The specter of “street blockades” was also raised. 

“It cannot be that responsible and solidary protest against the advancing shift to the right is to be prohibited with reference to the pandemic situation, while it has not been possible for months to put the super-spreader events of the Coronaclowns and Klemmnazis in their place,” explained the association of organizers*. The activists suspect a political motive behind the cancellation and criticize the assembly authority for this decision, they told adnn.me.

With the decision of April 9, 2021, the Administrative Court of Dresden ordered that the bicycle demonstration can take place from the Jorge Gomondai Square, with a modified route and limited number of participants. 

The Leipzig administrative lawyer Raik Höfler welcomes the decision of the VG Dresden. “With the decision, the fundamental right to freedom of assembly is enforced even in times of the corona pandemic” he told la-presse.org.

“[…] The respondent [has] wrongly rejected the requested exemption by decision of April 8, 2021. In view of the concrete circumstances of the individual case, a refusal of the exemption proves to be an error of judgment when weighing the aforementioned conflicting legal interests. If exceptions are justifiable in the individual case from the point of view of infection protection law, the fundamental rights guarantees of Article 8 (1) of the German Basic Law require that such an exception – if necessary with the addition of further conditions – also be granted in the sense of an intended discretion”. it says in the decision of the administrative court (Az.: 6 L 270/21). 

In Dresden, bicycle demonstrations have been repeatedly prohibited by the assembly authorities in recent months. In the city of Leipzig, on the other hand, bicycle marches in times of pandemic are now among the popular alternatives to moving demonstrations that have been approved by the authorities. According to the valid Corona protection regulation assemblies can take place only stationary. However, permits are possible. / MS