“Despite all this – we remain linX” demonstration

“On June 10, it was exactly one year ago that in the early hours of the morning, police officers from the State Criminal Police Office and riot police, armed with machine guns, stormed nine apartments in Leipzig-Connewitz. The Soko LinX accuses the defendants of having organized militantly against neo-Nazis” read the call for today’s demonstration in Connewitz. Approximately 700 participants took part in the demonstration, including the mother of Lina E., who was recently charged by the Attorney General’s Office with, among other things, participation in a criminal organization. The demonstration was not only about the prominent case of Lina E..

In the context of the demonstration, central criticism was voiced against the LKA special commission for so-called motivated crime “Soko LinX”, which was established in December 2019 and which was described in the call as a “campaign against the Leipzig autonomists and anti-fascists” and “drew attention to itself primarily through illegal measures and scandals”.

A political motivation of the law enforcement authorities insinuate the “Solidarity Committee 31.12.”. The committee accompanies the processes around the New Year’s Eve 2019/2020. Detailed reports are published on the blog. In his speech, the Solidarity Committee defined the criminalization of entire neighborhoods, from the “CDU-ruled Saxony” as a “welcome moment for escalation” by the police.

While before the demonstration many police forces could be seen in the Connewitz neighborhood, they kept in the background during the demonstration. On the previous day, residents of the luxury new buildings on the former Leopoldpark were informed by the property management that their underground car park would be used by the police.
In contrast, due to a lack of police on Bornaische Straße, traffic was not regulated and flowed through the assembly. The fact that vehicles were towed away on the demo route in advance was not in the interest of the organizers. They apologized to the residents over the loudspeaker truck and criticized the authorities for this.


“The organizers have no interest whatsoever in escalation,” the appeal stated. The focus was on the perspective of the people who are unjustly in the focus of security authorities, politics and the media. The press kit contained numerous press releases, which “so far, unfortunately, have made very little inroads into local reporting,” it was said from the organizing group of the B-Team. Lina’s mother was combative. “It’s moments like this that give me strength,” she told la-presse.org. /SO MS