Zapatistas come to Leipzig – first solidarity rally

A good 160 participants gathered under the motto “Red middle finger against right-wing pressure and colonialism” in Leipzig’s Rabet district park. The call was made by a loose group.

Groups around the “Ya Basta Network” coordinate the European tour of a delegation of the Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN) from Mexico. The delegation plans to visit all five continents in 2021. In Germany, according to Neues Deutschland, there are 96 collectives and organizations participating in the trip. In addition to Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne/Bonn, Münster and Rostock are stations of the delegation. A nationwide, “rebellious meeting” is planned for the Wendland region.

The focus of the rally was this trip, with a recorded speech by the delegation. According to the Zapatistas, it is not to be a classic lecture tour, but they want to get into conversation with movements. Against this backdrop, the focus of the rally in Leipzig became clear.

In addition to global challenges such as war, flight and hunger, the Kurdish movement in Rojava was also an international topic with regional relevance. Locally, Lina E. is given special importance. Already the call “Red middle finger against the right” is an allusion to a photo of Lina E.. This is a picture taken November 6, 2020, when the student was flown by helicopter to Karlsruhe to the Federal Court of Justice. The solo group “Freedom for Lina” criticized how Lina as a “young woman who likes to wear miniskirts and red nail polish” is “disgustingly reduced to her appearance.” “We take up the motif playfully. The beautiful imagery language is already something that we have copied from the liberation movement from the global south even before her visit. We are looking forward to their visit.” says Jonas from the organizing group of the rally.

The delegation is likely to arrive in Leipzig this summer. The “Rebellious” meeting in Wendland is planned for August/September and will conclude the trip. Currently, there are delays in the delegation’s itinerary due to Corona. /MS